Fertiliser ‘bomb’

I’ve started putting this little fertiliser bomb under my seedlings when I plant them out, and they they establish really well, take off very quickly, and are healthy all season. The fertiliser is concentrated to where the plants need it, rather than being scattered through the garden bed or watered into the top layer of soil.

The bomb is made up of 2/3 pelletised chook manure, 1/3 blood and bone, and a sprinkle of crushed eggs. The pelletised manure is slow release, and planted 3-4 cms under the seedling, it will encourage deeper root systems. I rarely add any additional fertiliser to my veggies.

How to use the fertiliser bomb

Seed propagation

I only use the fertiliser bomb when I’m planting seeds in pots deeper than 5cm.

When I’m making my biodegradable seedling pots, I put a 1/3 scoop of fertiliser bomb about halfway down the pot, and cover with potting mix, then seed raising mix.

The seed raising mix allows the fragile roots to develop, then when the roots get to approximately 5cm long, they reach the fertiliser bomb, and grow strong roots for planting out.

Planting out seedlings

Dig a hole in the bed, about 3-5 cms deeper than the seedling requires. Put between 1/2 – 1 scoop of fertiliser bomb in the planting hole, and cover with growing medium up to the height of the seedling root ball or biodegradable seedling pot. Avoid direct contact between seedling roots and the fertiliser bomb, as this may burn the fragile roots.

You can water the hole, then place the seedling in the hole and backfill. In a week’s time, the plant’s roots should have reached the fertiliser bomb, and it should start to grow rapidly and become very healthy.

Pellet brands

I use Martin’s Organic Advance Plus+ pelletised manure pellets that I buy from my local nursery, or the pellets sold in bulk by the Patio Plants nursery people at the monthly Blackheath Grower’s market.

The pellets contain:

  • poultry manure
  • blood and bone
  • natural gypsum
  • seeweed extract
  • fish meal
  • rock minerals
  • sulphate of potash
  • zeolite
  • worm castings

Check with your local nursery to see if they stock Martin’s fertilisers.

Patio Plants sell their seedlings and pelletised fertiliser at the following markets

  • Berry Market
  • Bowral Farmers
  • Castle Hill Growers Market
  • Blackheath Growers Market
  • Mittagong Market
  • Kiama Craft Market
  • Camden Produce
  • Wollongong Mall

If you don’t grow your own seedlings, I highly recommend Patio Plants seedlings as they are very healthy and vigorous.

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